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What is this?

Invocations is a collection of reusable Invoke tasks, task collections and helper functions. Originally sourced from the Invoke project’s own project-management tasks file, they are now highly configurable and used across a number of projects, with the intent to become a clearinghouse for implementing common best practices.

Currently implemented topics include (but are not limited to):

  • management of Sphinx documentation trees

  • Python project release lifecycles

  • dependency vendoring

  • running test suites (unit, integration, coverage-oriented, etc)

  • console utilities such as confirmation prompts

and more.


While Invocations has been released with a major version number to signal adherence to semantic versioning, it’s somewhat early in development and has not fully achieved its design vision yet.

We expect it to gain maturity in tandem with the adoption and development of Invoke post-1.x. It’s also highly likely that Invocations will see a few major releases as its API (and those of its sister library, patchwork) matures.

For a high level roadmap re: when Invocations will get significant updates, see the maintainer’s roadmap page.


This project uses the same dev methodology as Invoke proper - please see its development page here.


API/task docs