Tasks for managing Sphinx documentation trees., clean=False, browse=False, nitpick=False, opts=None, source=None, target=None)

Build the project’s Sphinx docs.

Run Sphinx’ doctest builder.

This will act like a test run, displaying test results & exiting nonzero if all tests did not pass.

A temporary directory is used for the build target, as the only output is the text file which is automatically printed.

Build both doc sites w/ maxed nitpicking.

Display documentation contents with the ‘tree’ program.

Watch both doc trees & rebuild them if files change.

This includes e.g. rebuilding the API docs if the source code changes; rebuilding the WWW docs if the README changes; etc.

Reuses the configuration values packaging.package or tests.package (the former winning over the latter if both defined) when determining which source directory to scan for API doc updates.